About Us

What is YgoHustle? Why the name YgoHustle? Well that's because we're obviously here to take your money right? Well yes and no. 

Ygohustle started out as a kid from Toronto who got introduced into Yugioh at school and was immediately drawn to the cartoonish aesthetics & visuals of the cards. Eventually, I grew to love the game and the intricacies behind it among other trading card games such as Pokemon & Magic.

Over time I started noticing how many cards were starting to rise in price at hobby shops & online sites like Ebay or TCGplayer and just flat out disappearing from existence. This was likely due to the player base getting older & the popularity of the game increasing resulting in more collectors as well as people playing competitively & as a result Konami expanding as a company. This also resulted in a barrier to entry for new players as they would have to spend an exorbitant amount of money just to play for fun with physical cards.

I thought to myself, "how can I make this game that I really resonate with even more enjoyable not just for me, but for everyone else". This is where the idea of YgoHustle was born. I wanted to be able to provide easier access to cards for people around the world so that they may have a greater enjoyment for the game without worrying about how much money they would have to spend on cards just to be able to play.

Between 2017 to early 2020, I worked on building an Ebay page https://www.ebay.ca/str/ygohustle and eventually through lots of trial and error YgoHustle rose to "Top-Rated Seller" status with people stating how pleased they were to get cards for much cheaper than they would elsewhere. Of course not everything was sunshine and roses, there were lessons learned, bumps along the road and of course the dreaded pandemic.

During this stressful time for everyone, I decided to ride it out and see what this venture could become and look where we are now! This is when I decided I was in it for the long haul and the idea of creating a website came into fruition along with lots of help from a great friend.

Fast forward to 2021 and YgoHustle is now a real E-commerce website, built from the idea of helping people spend less to enjoy their hobbies and striving for 100% customer satisfaction. However, YgoHustle while being a store first is committed to pushing the boundaries of a traditional store and hopes to become much more with help from all of you, the community! This means interacting with the community on a personal level, playing & streaming games, and all kinds of other crazy and new ideas. It is this beautiful community that will grow YgoHustle from a sapling into a tall tree with countless branches!